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Beautiful Monster

What would you do if running from your fears lead you right to them? Dive into this Sisyphean tale of a man in limbo.

Powerful Performances With Worldwide Reach & Potential

In The Red & Brown - O MAZZUCATO

Ulato Sam plays one of Oya’s love interests, Ogun. Through his role as the show’s choreographer he drew from a myriad of dance styles that originated from regions of West Africa, East Africa, the Caribbean and America,

Winery Mas - J Wilson

Ulato Sam joined Winery Mas because the mas band reflected his Caribbean roots.  When [Ulato] decided to participate in Carnival in Los Angeles, he wanted to find a band that was reflective of Caribbean culture as a whole rather than only his country of origin, he said.

“Jamaicans are known for (being) high energy  we’re entertainers”

Tête à Tête - Warsaw Stage Society

The enchanting music of Karol Nepelski gives a unique chance to enter the world of these young people, their dreams and fascinations. The mysterious voice of Marcin Gadalinski and Ulato Sam’s charisma guarantees an interesting time during this performative reading of an contemporary opera.

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